Enter The Magical World of La Tale

La Tale is a beautiful 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG with fast-paced combat and endless customization. Choose from 9 character classes, each with an expansive selection of Job specialities, skills, and available magical items to create your own Hero of legend. Embark on an epic quest with other Heroes from around the globe to battle against the forces of the Demon World and search for the renowned champion Iris Livier. Download La Tale now and TELL YOUR TALE today!


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Choose Your Legendary Hero

Choose from 9 distinct Classes and over 50 potential Job Specialties to create your unique Hero. Each Class features extensive upgradeable Skill Trees and Weapon Masteries, plus unstoppable Legend Skills that can be learned in the distant corners of the world.

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Embark on An Epic Journey

Discover over 100 diverse zones across the sprawling magical continents of Jiendia and Freios. Visit small towns and vast cityscapes, conquer exploration fields and instance dungeons packed with quests and secrets, or challenge colossal area bosses either solo or with a party.

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Stand Out from The Crowd

Customize your Hero however you choose with upgradeable weapons, gear items, and powerful magical enchantments. Find and equip rare outfits, train pets and unlock titles and emotes to express yourself your way.

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Raise a faithful adventuring companion to gain helpful boosts and abilities.

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Collect materials and fortify your gear to get the edge over your enemies.

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Join with other Heroes and create a Guild for community fame and special bonuses.

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Join a Thriving Community

Adventure with Heroes from around the world. Chat and make friends, create parties, join a Guild, open an in-game store, or even find a partner and get married. Weekly community events both in-game and on the forums ensure there is always something new waiting in La Tale.

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