Zicard's Secret II

2019-01-20 10:31:44.0 3801

Hi La Talers!

Happy Chinese New Year! Start off your Chinese New Year with the new Zicard's Secret II!

This reformed Zicard’s Secret shows a summary of the last quarter’s gamble boxes!

Not only the most wanted pet at the moment “Petite Lei-Lei” but also Great Kina and the core items from Zoo Pass (Noble Dawn Hammer, Paragon Series)

The probability to get Petite Lei-Lei is slightly lower but with all the above-mentioned essentials, this Zicard’s Secret version is at the discounted price 110 LTC.

The current Premium Bonus list is at: https://latale.papayaplay.com/latale.do?tp=news.view&postid=2325

Thank you and enjoy La Tale!