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In the world of La Tale, everyone knows about the legacy of the Iris' Party: Levi, Kazno, Muwen and Iris formed a party together to defeat the evil powers circulating around Jiendia. They were so powerful that they were able to defeat the Devil, but that was just the beginning.

Deimos cultists and other evil forces started to leak into the world of La Tale from another dimension. Perhaps it was the Devil's tricks before he got defeated. However, Iris' Party has been disbanded due to Iris suddenly going missing.

Iris was the chosen one among the divine and was prophesied that she will be the next Goddess to protect the world of La Tale. She was nowhere to be found and every adventurer decided to look for Iris as it will save the world.

Will you have what it takes to find her and save the world?
Champions Scrolls can be unsealed by completing a series of quests. Once unsealed, you can start utilizing the 7 Champions for an extra, powerful skill that annihilates everything around you. You can rank up each Champions by spending your Champion Points.

Discover over 100 diverse zones across the sprawling magical continents
or Jiendia and Freios. Visit small towns and vast cityscapes, conquer
exploration fields and instance dungeons packed with quests and secrets,
or challenge colossal area bosses either solo or with a party.
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Level Milestone Rewards!
Achieve different levels and Ascension levels to receive various rewards including 9999 Titlebook, Sea Serpent Slayer, 9999 Damage Skin Coupon, Special Flying Carpet, and much more!
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