Dark Chaser Patch Note

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*Skill Balance Patch Note: https://latale.papayaplay.com/latale.do?tp=news.view&postid=2324

Dark Chaser Patch Note

[New Jobs]

■ Fencer - Closer (2nd) - Sword Master (3rd) - Dark Chaser (4th)

■ This new line of classes uses [Chainsword] as weapon.

■ New class item to upgrade: Event weapon x4, Chainsword Case, Chainsword of Darkness, Rivalra, Shimar, Eminent Gallantia, Verity Fatal Strike, Coliseum Chainsword, Advanced Coliseum Chainsword

■ The fencer line is Physical line of class, so damage increases by physical options such as strength, weapon attack, etc.

■ The fencer line is the main class only line. There is no subclass.

[New Job System]

■ This new line of classes uses a unique technique called "Chainblade"

■ Karion Fencing Skill and Chain Skill

▷ Fencer can set Karion Fencing Chain Skills in Custom Skill Slots on the rightside of the Skill window ('K' key)

▷ 3 different kinds of skills can be registered to Karion Fencing and used in a combo. And the combo activates each skill registered in order of the number it's set.

▷ If the combo is activated successfully, Fencer gains 1~2 Chainblade depending on the class grade.

  Fencer – 1

  Closer – 1

  Sword Master – 1~2

  Dark Chaser – 1~2

▷ The number of Chain Skills increased by 1 as you advance to the next class. 

▷ Each Chain Skill consumes certain number of Chainblade when it's activated.
▷ Chain Skills cannot be registered to Growth Skill.

▷ “Chain Whipping,” one of a Chain Skill, consumes all Chainblades, and gives higher damage depending on the number of Chain Blades used.

* The damage increase by Chainblade won't be shown in the character status window.

[New Job System]
x12 Normal Items | x66 Special Items | x31 Event Items

New zone has been opened

▷ Lumen Headquarters

▷ Can be transported from the central portal in Lumen.

New scenario has been added

▷ Scenario Quest will occur to characters with Lv 235 or higher.

▷ Previous Scenario Quest must be completed before the new scenario quests.

2 New Instance Dungeons are added

▷ Floating Island [Lv. 235++]

▷ Can enter 2 times per day

▷ 4 Player Instance Dungeon

▷ Illusion Mist Swamp [Lv. 235++]

▷ Can enter once per day

▷ 8 Player Instance Dungeon

New monsters are added




■ New NPCs are added

New equipment items are added

[Click here to see details of the new equipment items]

▷ 2nd & 4th slot badge items can be acquired by crafting materials from Floating Island.

▷ Belt Item can be acquired by crafting materials from Waterlily Forest.

▷ New accessories and necklace items can be acquired from Illusion Mist Swamp.

▷ New accessories and special slot Items can be tradable after being sealed.

▷ New Special Slot Items can have "special super enchant" that gives higher stats than the existing Special Slot items.

- Super Enchant can be processed by Gold Hammer item, not by Normal or Cube Enchant.

- Will gain Lv 1 option when it's obtained first time.

- When rearranging options, the options are initialized to Lv 1.

New Fashion equipment item are added

[Click here to see details of the new fashion equipment items]

▷ Asma's Harmonious Blush, Asma's Mysterious Blush, Asma's Special Blush

 - New Blush items have been added to the game and they are available with Ely & In-game items to lessen the existing dependence on timed items.

 - Asma's Blush items can be exchanged at NPC Asma in the Toma's Event and Lumen.

 - Asma's Harmonious Blush and Asma's Special Blush items can be upgraded with original materials.

 - Upgrade success rates are fixed depending on the upgrade level.

■  5 New crafts are added

▷ Waterlily Belt, Senior Warrior Badge, Senior Combatant's Badge

▷ Red First-Aid Kit, Blue First-Aid Kit

 - The previous crafting recipes have been deleted and everything has been added to the Alchemy tab's special item craft.

 - First-Aid kit recipes are not able to use now. You can sell these to stores at 100,000 Ely.

New Illustration Books are added

▷ Item Illustration Books 9 types

▷ Monster Illustration Books 24 types

5 types of new achievements are added

 - New achievements are added, and so the new achievement rank is opened.

Achievement 21 Rank

Basic Stats +525

Dual Minimum Damage +19

Dual Maximum Damage +17

Quest Reward +19%

Maximum HP +2100

Item Drop Rate +8

Dual Critical Damage +15

Craft Rate +5

1 Waypoint has been added

▷ Waterlily Forest

New Quests have been added

▷ 8 Main Scenario Quests

▷ 6 Fencer Private Tutorial Quests

 106 Dark Chaser Legend 1 Quests

 95 Dark Chaser Legend 2 Quests
▷ 48 General Quests

▷ 3 Daily Quests

■ Content Modification 

Monsters in Sacred Hall & Solar Temple Dungeons

- HP Decrease 20%

- ATT Decrease 10%

Reward from Mysterious Hall & Devil's Canyon Dungeons

- Reward bomb drop amount per player: 3 -> 8

Max HP increases by 40000 at Lv. 170 and 200

- For more stable game-play at the mid-level range.

 Upgrade success rate changes to 100%

- Dynasty Weapon

- Elrian Weapon

- Aspect Armor

- Blasphemy Accessory (Required material amount 50 -> 10)

- Mutant Sky Dragon

- Darman Necklace 

- Darman Badge 2x

- Ogre's Necklace

- Dark Wizard's Red Badge

- Dark Wizard's Blue Badge

▷ Character slot: 14 -> 16 slots 

Improvement on Wonder Drugs

- All types of wonder drugs have been converted to "Flask Coupon"

- You can exchange the coupons with Battle or Utility Flask at NPC Lena from Belos, Elias, Guild Union, and Lumen.

- Time duration is increased from 30 min to 1 hour.

Improvement on Syrups

- New Premium Syrup is available now - same ability as 5 combined previous syrups.

- You can craft the premium syrup at Alchemy tab in Crafting

- Premium syrups can be used together with Holy Water, but not with previous syrups

Growth Skill - level up conditions have been eased.

- Beginner to Intermediate: Requires 10 times

- Intermediate to Senior: 20 times

- Senior to Master: 40 times

Character's summons' reaction speed has been enhanced. Now you may enjoy battles with the summons easier. 

New Premium Box (See details)

New Pet "Petite Lei-Lei" 

- Pet effect: Ely Gain Rate +70 | Movement Speed +30

- Skill effect: Attack +70 | Elemental Intensity +70 [Type M]

New Costumes for Dark Chaser and Christmas 

- Closer Costume (Male/Female)

- Snow Reindeer Set (Male/Female)

[Special promotions for Dark Chaser and the winter holidays]

Enjoy the events in La Tale!

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