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La Tale Redemption Sales

May 13, 2020 2,358

Hello La Talers!

Many of you have suggested the Great Selki to return as a pet and we are happy to announce our flash sales for the next 2 weeks:

Also, we have updated our premium bonus that includes other pets that cannot be obtained at this time. Please view below for the updated premium bonus:

On top of that, we are releasing a new capsule that includes one of our most popular pets: Great Patchwork Kitty. Take a peek at our new Redemption Capsules in the Fashion Shop!


Redemption Capsule: 75 LTC; Receive 75 premium points!

Redemption Capsule (x10): 675 LTC; Receive 675 premium points!

Redemption Capsule (x20): 1275 LTC; Receive 1275 premium points!


** Due to our users' suggestions and requests, the Archangel's Halo will be available until May 20th, 2020.

We appreciate your continued support for La Tale and we hope you enjoy the game!

Remember: Stay home, and stay safe! <3