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Magic Academy Zerenis Patch Notes

Sep 17, 2020 1,822

[Magic Academy Zerenis Patch Notes]

■ New area has been added.

▷ Zerenis Hill

▷ Can be accessed through the portal in the Sky's Ocean.

■ New scenario quests have been added.

▷ Available to characters above Ascension Level 1000.

■ 2 New instance dungeons have been added.

▷ Zerenis Training Center [Lv. 234+]

▷ Can only enter twice a day.

▷ 4-Person instance dungeon.

Zerenis Headquarters [*Lv. 1000+]

▷ Can only enter twice a day.

▷ 4-Person instance dungeon.

■ New monsters have been added.

■ A new NPC has been added.

■ New equipment items have been added.

  • Magic Academy Red Gem (Gem 1)
  • Magic Academy Yellow Gem (Gem 1)
  • Magic Academy Blue Gem (Gem 1)
  • Zephyros Sticker (Sticker)
  • Dean's Charm (Charm)

▷ [Vigor Minerva Badge] can be obtained by upgrading [Vigor Eve Badge +30].

■ New codex have been added.

▷ 23 Monster Illustrations

▷ 2 Title Illustrations

■ 5 New title codex have been added.

■ 5 New achievements have been added.

■ 1 Waypoint has been added.

▷ Zerenis Hill

■ New quests have been added.

▷ 11 Main-scenario quests

▷ 19 Sub-scenario quests

▷ 40 Normal quests

▷ 4 Repeating quests

▷ 8 Daily quests

▷ 5 Random quests

▷ 4 Champion quests

■ The guidebook has been updated.

▷ New system, items, and dungeons have been added.

[Fashion Shop]

■ New costumes have been added.

▷ Zerenis Academy Uniform

▷ Black/White Overfit Hoodie

■ New hair has been added.

▷ Magical Long Ponytail

[System Improvements]

■ Added new weekly challenges for high leveled players.

▷ Explore Kafka Theater [*Lv. 2500+]

▷ Explore Suspicious Laboratory [*Lv. 2500+]

■ The difficulties of some weekly challenges have been changed.

Finding the Unique Mineral: Doubled the quantity of the unique minerals.

Slaying Monsters in the Tallest Tree: Reduced mission clear requirement quantity by 30%.

Triathlon Challenge: Increased Time Attack time, Reduced Stage 2 Cannon Monsters

All Normal/Hard Challenges: Monster's HP reduced by 30%

■ Weekly Challenge Rewards have changed.

▷ Rewards for hard difficulties have been added.

Shiny Stone of Challenge has been added to the weekly challenge points exchange list.

■ Event weekly challenges have been added.

▷ Various event weekly challenges will be added in the future.

■ Item exchange method has been improved.

▷ The exchange method has been improved so that some items that can be exchanged for the desired items when used.

▷ Some NPC locations have been changed or deleted due to a change in the exchange method.

▷ Toma's Event Map has been removed.

■ Enchant has been added to [Cheerful Tengu Totem].

▷ Cheerful Tengu Totem Fragments can be purchased in the Fashion Shop.

■ Item can be exchanged with [Cheerful Tengu Totem Fragment].

▷ Can be exchanged from NPC Rohan in Belos.

■ Rewards and exchange products for quiz rankings have been improved.

▷ The experience value of ranking rewards and the quantity of quiz ranking vouchers have been increased.

▷ The effect of the Quiz Master (15 Days) Skillbook has been buffed.

■ The difficulties have been changed for the following dungeons:

▷ Mysterious Hall: Hard difficulty has been added.

▷ Mysterious Hall [Normal]: Decreased HP of the boss.

▷ Sky Coliseum [Normal]: Decreased HP of the monsters.

▷ Hall of Rest: Decreased HP and damage of the monsters.

■ The following items have been changed:

▷ The crafting rate has been changed to 100% with no crafting fee.

▷ The upgrade rate has been changed to 100% with no upgrade fee.

- Pharaoh's Charm

- Pharaoh's Gems

- Elephant Sticker

■ New Shadow Effect has been added.

▷ Magic Academy Zerenis

■ Damage Skin has been added.

▷ Toy