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Shadow Walker Patch Notes

Dec 17, 2020 2,670

Shadow Walker Update Notes


■ New areas have been added.

▷ Esnill

  • Can be accessed through the portal in the Guild Union

▷ Moros

  • Can be accessed through the portal in the Sky's Ocean 2

■ New scenario quests have been added.

▷ Available at Ascension Lv. 1300 or above.

▷ Available after completing the quest: [The Queen's Message?]

■ New instance dungeons have been added.

▷ Fallout Shelter [* Lv. 1300+]

  • Daily Entry Count: 2
  • 4-Man Instance

▷ Dream Oneiro [* Lv. 1500+]

  • Daily Entry Count: 1
  • 8-Man Instance

■ New monsters have been added.

■ New NPCs have been added.

■ New equipment items have been added.

▷ The Nether Guardian set has a default 80% chance of upgrading.

▷ The Twisted Guardian set's performance is dependant on the enchantments.

▷ The new special slot equipment can be enchanted with Dual Damage.

▷ The new special slot equipment can have up to enchant level 20 and has a default 80% chance of success.

▷ The new armors, necklace, and badge can be obtained from the Dream Oneiro.

▷ The new belt can be obtained from the Fallout Shelter.

▷ The new items can be traded after being sealed.

■ New illustrations have been added.

▷ 24 Monster Illustrations

▷ 1 Title Illustration

■ New achievements have been added.

■ New waypoints have been added.

▷ Freios - Ocean's Sky - Esnill, the Downtown Guild Union

▷ Eastland - Mose Kingdom - Moros

■ New pet has been added to the new premium box.

Name: Great Bubbly

Skill: Dual Minimum Damage +60 [Type AR]

■ New decorations have been added.

■ New beauty options have been added.

■ New class fashion sets have been added. [NPC Toma]

■ New quests have been added.

▷ 11 Main Scenario Quests

▷ 21 Sub-Scenario Quests

▷ 48 Normal Quests

▷ 5 Repeatable Quests

▷ 5 Daily Quests

▷ 5 Random Quests

▷ 9 Champion Quests

■ Sub-scenario quests have been added for Dark Chaser.

▷ 3 Sub-Scenario quests

- Available to Dark Chasers who completed the main scenario can accept a sub-scenario quest from Geis in Burning City 4.

■ The guidebook has been updated.

▷ New system, items, and dungeons have been added.

[New Class: Shadow Walker]

■ Lancer line uses Magic Lance as a weapon.

■ [Magic Lance] is a growth weapon that players need to grow the first received weapon.

▷The weapon does not get destroyed in the event of upgrading or enchanting failure.

▷ Special enchants are available and the probability of success decreases depending on the enchant level.

■ Lancer line is a magic line, and the damage is increased through magic options such as Magic and Elemental Intensity.

■ Dark Gauge

▷ The Lancer line has its own gauge called Dark Gauge.

▷ Dark Gauge increases over time and with the use of Dark skills.

▷ If the Dark Gauge reaches its maximum, players can use the Darkeater skill to switch positions to Shadow Knight.

■ Shadow Knight

▷ During the Shadow Knight state, the Dark Gauge is continuously consumed and, if exhausted, players go back to the normal state.

▷ During the Shadow Knight state, the player's weapon changes to a Heavy Lance.

▷ During the Shadow Knight state, players can only use the Dark skills, but they do much more powerful attacks to enemies.

■ Immortal

▷ When the Lancer line is unable to fight, it consumes all of its charged mana and triggers the Immortal effect.

▷ Players can be revived without losing any EXP and Ely, and the HP and Dark Gauge recover 100% and return to the Shadow Knight stance.

▷ Spent mana gets changed over time, and special effects occur around the character when checked or buffered by the mouse-over tooltip of the Immortal Gauge in the Skill Window [K].