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January Flash Sales [Pt. 2]

Jan 21, 2021 1,143

Hello La Talers!

We have prepared a new flash sale package due to high demands from the community. We are here to listen and act on your needs!

[NEW] Limited Enchanting Package

  • - Noble Dawn Hammer Coupon (x20)
  • - Super Dawn Hammer Coupon (x20)
  • - Golden Hammer (x50)
  • - Enchant Salve (x3)
  • - Enchant Remedy (x3)
  • - Pony's Blessed Elixir (x2)
  • - La Tale Ely Pouch (x10)

Price: 2990 LTC

Quantity: 200

Duration: Jan. 21st ~ Jan. 27th, 2021

On top of that, we have updated the premium bonus section and will be introducing a new premium box: Permanent Pet Box! This new premium box will only contain great (permanent) pets, permanent pet transformation kits, and much more!

New Premium Bonus:

New Premium Box Prices:

  • Permanent Pet Box: 120 LTC; Receive 120 Premium Points upon Purchase
  • Permanent Pet Box (x10): 1100 LTC; Receive 1100 Premium Points upon Purchase
  • Permanent Pet Box (x20): 1990 LTC; Receive 1990 Premium Points upon Purchase

New Premium Box Contents:

* You will only receive one of the two additional items per box.

The Iceflower Capsules are still in the Fashion Shop and will be removed during our next maintenance on Jan. 28th.

Minor Bug Fixes:

- Removed a specific reward from the Star-Eating Tree. (Carpet Material Box)

- Removed event ore mobs in some dungeons.

For more details on Iceflower Capsules and other flash sales ongoing right now at: