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1. What is Chain Blade?

- It's the energy you need to use Chain Skills

2. How to recharge Chain Blade?

- Use your Karion Fencing to recharge the energy

Karion Fencing: Add to your Quick slot to use

Karion Skill 1

Karion Skill 2

Karion Skill 3

Chain Skills. Add the skill one by one as you advance to the next job. You need "Chain Blade Energy" to use your Chain Skill

  • Bilbradha

  • Devil

  • Iris' Nightmare

  • Athena Assassin

  • Battle Knight

  • Mystery Society Noblesse

  • Secret Forest Warrior

  • Hell Cowl

  • Grim Reaper

  • Face of Death

  • Uran

  • Jean

  • Arian

  • Sugar

  • Jellix

  • Hugo