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The problems in the Iris' Illusory World has calmed down, but other troubles have begun in the La Tale world.

It was too much for the Demigods to handle, and the only one who can stop this problem is Iris with her divine powers.

Since her powers are not fully awakened, the adventurers stepped in to help. They believe that if they all work together, it can be solved swiftly. They will continue to believe in Iris and will fight for her. The first place they have visited is the Tartaros in the underground city, also known as the Hell Town.

Shynic the Champion has built Tartaros for centuries, but it was very mismanaged; it ended up being a mess and was filled with monsters. The adventurers show up and asked Shynic for her help, but Shynic denied their request." Adventurers decide to stay in Tartaros to convince her and end up cleaning up the mess in Tartaros.

The adventurers end up finding out why Shynic decided to stop taking care of the city, and found something else...

Powerful Subclasses have been Reworked!
New Subclass has been Added: Jewel Star!

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One of the Seven Champions; The Owner of Underworld Tartaros.

During the Dark War, a wizard from the Jude Kingdom lured Shynic with a powerful magic. She began to learn the dark magic and was forced to go into the battlefield as a slave to become the ultimate killing machine. Due to the power of the dark magic and taking tons of life made her into an immortal.

After the war was over, she decided to take out the wizard herself and create a city underground so no one can bother her.

On the outside, she looks like a bright girl who loves to have fun, but many things trouble her every day. She has no fear in death, and is waiting for it. She built Tartaros herself which took her around 400 years. All she want to do now is to meet and talk to new people and engage in entertaining activities.